Eternité Nu


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Ingestible Beauty: Nutricosmetics for Beauty Inside, Out

Results in 7 days !

Eternité Nu Collagen is an advanced medical aesthetic technology collagen that uses natural ingredients from France, Italy and Japan. The easy digestible and highly bioactive form of collagen goes beyond just helping smooth wrinkles.

The study provides powerful scientific evidence that it reduces skin pore visibility and protects your skin from sun damage and UV. Another highlight will be the Glutathione from Olive extracts that are 03 times more effective than the CoQ10.

There are 12 Main benefits that are not just focusing on beauty but health as a truly Omnidirectional Collagen.



Why Choose Eternité Nu?

Fish Collagen Peptides of less than 2000 Da

Small bioactive peptides make it easily absorbed by the small intestine membrane and enter into blood stream, for better wellbeing and skin complexion.

Rice Ceramide

To replenish our skin’s natural lipids that are lost due to natural aging. It restores moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to protect skin against harmful environmental factors for supple, bouncy and fairer skin.

24 types of Vegetables and Fruits Extracts

High in antioxidants and vital nourishment to stimulate body’s natural healing power and enhance immune system. Hence, it combats aging naturally and effectively.

No sugar or artificial flavours added

100% natural and safe to consume by everyone, it is even suitable for diabetic patients.

Significant results in 7 days

By Eternité Nu’s natural healing properties, healthier body and better skin complexion are attainable in just 7 days.

No side effects

You can be rest assured that the result is long-lasting and not rebounding, as Eternité Nu is only comprised of natural ingredients that complement each other to stimulate your body’s self-regulating system

Suitable for

  • People who want to maintain beauty and anti-aging
  • People who are tired at work and lack of sleep
  • Those over the age of 20
  • Damage to the skin due to prolonged outdoor activities
  • Skin is dull, oily and prone to acne
  • Dry skin with enlarged pores
  • Dark circles, eye bags problem, etc
  • Working long term infront of computer
  • Skin allergies
  • Freckles, early age spots


These are results from consuming 10g Eternité Nu twice a day for 7 – 30 days.